Star’s Eulogy


Living like a dead corpse is not an option.
You must feel the vibe in the air and run away with it, chasing the rhythm of the people to the ends of the earth.
Light streams in from the heavens when you ask for it
and there is nothing sweeter than the tune of the angel’s harp. I hear the light melody as I walk down the streets of Rome, laughing with my friends as we stagger
toward the small cafe on the corner of Main Street.
Life begins with one small step toward the discovery of self; creating waves of eccentric personality that unite us together as we work to capture happiness in our mental butterfly nets.


Laughing like a dying whale is perfectly acceptable.

Our authentic laugh is the music that people gather from acquaintances; the one defining feature that tells them whether we are worth their time. Glimpses of a perfect world come to fruition when I hear this candied noise. I crave the tingle that shoots down my spine,
the warmth that floods my chest and cheeks
as my friends belt out these custom languages that are understood worldwide. Laughter can’t be measured yet we use it to pinpoint another’s mood.
Tell me what the world would be like without this… I’ll wait…
That’s right, all you can hear is the silence of awestruck clarity.


Loving an old can of tuna doesn’t mean you need to see a therapist.
The beauty of expressing your heart to someone is that you don’t even have to open your mouth.
A feeling that gives back to you is nothing short of a miracle that can’t be taken with shallow thought.
To petition someone for such a valued sentiment is truly evil and tells you nothing of your prized nature.
Love is not an affection that you can just spawn within a single moment;
it is a concoction blended into our spirits over time that only reigns from the inside.
To say love is a paradox would be an understatement since it is the very glue that holds these three virtues together.