Both Sides Breed Chaos

Do you remember what it is like to embrace the heat of a hearth? The warmth that washes over one side,
only to leave the other in a bitter chill. These can be felt at the same time;
can coexist with one another as long as you sit at the edge of oblivion a little longer.
The precarious balance of these two are what make up the world.
They are present in each decision that we make
and dictate what we view as good and evil, light and darkness. This brings about a choice that we all have;
a burden that we all must bear.

Once we make up our minds
of what we want to accomplish,
fate seems to take over and guides us towards our chosen destination.
Most will find that darkness isn’t inherently evil and light doesn’t coincide with goodness.
The gray area that meshes light and dark is where most people spend their time.
People wallow in the depths of the consequences their actions bring about,
and complain when the inevitable hits them between the eyes. Life is not meant to dole out hidden messages.
It is straightforward and tells you what you need to know. If you miss any details, it is from a lack of civil observation.

The hearth may house the abrupt separation of warm and cold,
but the choice to face the fire
or avoid it overall is purely up to you.
No one is telling you to experience both or reside solely in the gray muddle.
This indecision is what makes us decide since in the end there are no anti-heroes
who can dictate the boundaries of the neutral territory. There are just people who work,
who play,
who eat,
and who bring life to the very essence of what it is: a mere sequence of passing events.