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Wednesday, October 05, 2022
What People Say...
Ultimately what really matters is what our clients feel about our services.
The phrase “The client is always right” may be a cliché but to us it is what matters most. 

David and Barbara Smith
Part 1:
"We would be truy honored to have our house added to your website.  We are thoroughly impressed with your work!  We had a pretty good idea of the generqal layout of the house bu you really pulled in some great features that everyone who has seen the house comments on.  We are happy to be able to show it to people."
Part 2:
"When we look at our  house, we consistently say, boy David sure did a great job on this!  We never would have added the millions of touches that really make it. The front entrance is way more than I ever imagined!  And the prievacy of our back deck from our neighbors is perfect as well."

Mary and Jim Reese
Thank you for your time in making these house plans.  They look great and we enjoyed working with you very much.

Ruth Glaser, COO - Scotland Memorial Hospital
"We enjoyed working with you so much.  I am thrilled with your quick response time, follow through and work product.  Thanks again and I look forward to continuing the great working relationship."

 Joe and Georgia Avant

 "We wish to express our appreciation for your diligent and thorough work on our lake house.  Every detail presented has been wonderfully planned.  You have given us beautiful, creative, and functional selections and have given us the freedom to choose according to our taste."

"Our time with you has been enjoyable as well as informative.  We thank you for your patience with us and our detailed planning."

 John Stuart Williams, DDS - Williams Cosmetic Dentistry
"I appreciate all the hard work you did – the place turned out beautiful!"

Sissy and Frank Moxham
"The house is really coming together now – painting begins this week, tile is going in, etc.  We really LOVE the overall design of the house – you did a great job – thanks."

David Bales, Director of Engineering - Scotland Memorial Hospital
Part 1:
"I’ve been working with David Hite and his firm since starting at Scotland Memorial Health System; he has developed drawings for many projects within the hospital as well as outpatient facilities in the surrounding areas.  I would highly recommend him and his entire firm."

"David is the only architect I’ve worked with who offers the entire package including a great team of talented designers, as well as an experienced back office team that produces working drawings accurate and quickly.  His firm is one of the few that listens to what we need, designs spaces that are efficient and esthetically pleasing, all the while working with the client and contractor for the better good."

Part 2:
"David and his entire team are relentless in their pursuit to continually learn and create a product that is both pleasing to the eye and easy on the pocket book, and is always seeking to improve their service to us more each year.  His creative use of space has allowed the hospital to produce more efficient department operations.  He has been one of the best architects I have worked with in communicating with DHSR and the local code officials on behalf of the hospital and responding to any issues that arise quickly and efficiently."

"I’m confident that any work you would choose to do with Hite Architecture will be successful.  Additionally, the projects that his firm has worked on have been budget sensitive while creating an image that appears to be outside of the budget."



Jennifer and Mike Howard:  From the Magazine "Charlotte Place"
“Knowing what you want and getting what you planned are often two entirely different things, especially when it comes to designing every detail of your dream home." 

Shortly after locating the lot fit for their 6,000-square-foot French Country home, the Howards met with architect David Hite who designed a previous home renovation project. The Howards left the meeting wondering if they had successfully translated their vision.  “We felt uneasy not knowing whether he could interpret our ideas,” says Jennifer.  “When I looked at the plans- there was our house – even clearer than it had been in my mind.”

Jamie Neely, CEO - RP Signs

I have had the pleasure of working with David on several interior and exterior sign projects. These jobs have always gone according to plan.  David is very thorough and detailed in explaining what his client is looking for and always communicates that well.  I look forward to the chance to work on other projects.

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